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We perform with 3 to 10 artists. Ensemble PHENJORIPE will be assembled on request according to your events’ requirements. Our artists are also involved in their own projects, and some live in different countries and cities. Therefore, we appreciate when orders are placed early.

You are also welcome to book any of the artists as a soloist within the chosen program.

The duration of our presentations is between 25 minutes and 120 minutes, depending on the particular program you desire.


In order to effectively present our dances, we need space! The performance space for TRIO PHENJORIPE should be at least 6m x 6m.


For our music, we prefer to use mp3 files or CD. Singing is live.

The necessary sound equipment shall be supplied and overseen by the organizer.    

The PHENJORIPE & FRIENDS format offers you the opportunity to experience our performances with live music.We can offer our show in a combination of live music + playback, or simply live.

Our fees range within reasonable limits and are negotiable. Travel expenses, and in some cases accommodation costs, will be paid by the organizer.

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