Of course, we also collaborate with musicians and fellow artists. What would the world be without our male counterparts? In the long run – worse off!

Our companions are the finest instrumentalists, singers and dancers. Soloists or whole bands! Thus, a variety of live music acts are also a key component in several of our presentations.


A unique theatrical experience: AND THE SONG IS LEFT BEHIND US.

Dances, romantic songs and a fairy tale of the Russian and Polish Roma with PHENJORIPE, violinist Tomasz Krzyzanowski and duo THAGAR. Joining us on stage is ARTUR SZEWCZYK, former colleague from the Gypsy musical theater TERNO and now lecturer in the ROMANY DANCE SCHOOL project. We are also joined by his son DAMIAN, conservatory graduate and classical pianist. A young Russian Rom with Polish roots, who not only loves Chopin, but also holds the culture and music of his people close to his heart. Pure Polish Gypsy power!

For fans of Sinti Jazz and the Aftershow: SIRBIANKA meets DJANGO!

With the accompaniment of trio ROMANO SWING PL there is not only the traditional Serbianka, stunning Czardazs or Roma melancholy. Between our dances, we also make room for elegant gypsy swing á la Django Reinhardt! Our companions are versatile professional musicians. In addition to their stage performances, they play at galas, parties, receptions and more…from jazz to folk to classic, from coffeehouse music to hits from the 30s – their repertoire guarantees cultured conversation with that certain “gypsy feeling”! Our recommendation: combine a fiery Gypsy show with a cozy evening afterwards.